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SwiftCare Digital Transformation for Health

Kinseed’s SwiftCare suite is helping care providers around the world change the way they work – with patients, data, and resources. Whatever your workflow or process, SwiftCare gives you the tools needed to make it happen – without the traditional headache of heavy coding or expensive consultancy fees.

SwiftCare is designed to work for any organisation – regardless of size, location or medical domain. Whether you’re an independent dentistry practice, or the country’s largest Clinical Commissioning Group, SwiftCare can help you make the most of your data and people.

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Trusted by world-leading organisations

SwiftCare is helping revolutionise the data journey for leading hospitals and care providers around the world.

Designed for Today. Ready for Tomorrow.

Every part of SwiftCare is designed from the ground-up to use modern, healthcare-industry-leading technology; making you secure and capable today, and ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Mobile Ready

All applications and features in SwiftCare are mobile enabled: letting you work anywhere, any time, any way you want to.

Cloud Powered

SwiftCare makes use of a hardened Microsoft Azure cloud environment, bringing industry-leading performance and stability.

Rock Solid Security

Every bit and byte of SwiftCare is designed with a Security-First approach: so data is always safe, and always ready for you.


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Build any workflow, process or database with native Medically-focused field types and controls


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Remotely monitor clinical instruments and devices from any web-connected device or browser


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Smart-enable legacy clinical apparatus without the need for expensive refits and equipment purchases


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Streamline occupational health management, enhancing workplace well-being and boosting employee health and productivity.


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Effortlessly track and allocate resources with our intuitive dashboard, optimizing capacity, patient flow, and staff efficiency.


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Effectively manage time and bookings, streamlining scheduling for enhanced efficiency.

Coming soon…

Explore our new features

Watch our short video to understand some of the great new features available in version 2.0 of Kinseed’s SwiftCare Suite.

Version 2

Welcome SwiftCare 2.0

The best just got better

We’re proud to announce the latest version of SwiftCare – and it’s our biggest change ever. Re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up, SwiftCare is more stable, secure and powerful than ever before.

Even better, this change is just the beginning – engineered for evergreen, “live” updates – version 2.0 of SwiftCare is designed to receive future updates and exiting new features without disruption or downtime: so you’re always up to date and ready to work on what really matters.

Rock-Solid Foundation

Rebuilt from the ground up on a hardened cloud formation

New Modern UI

Enjoy working with data again with a clean, intuitive front-end

Personalised Experience

See what’s relevant in a format that makes sense to you

Wide-Open APIs

Connect to virtually any clinical or administrative service

No-Code Customisation

Make SwiftCare work how you want with zero custom code

Automated Reporting

Stay compliant and governed without lifting a finger

Available worldwide today

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