How we use your personal data

This privacy policy explains how Kinseed uses your personal data, which is usually known as ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ (PII). Personally Identifiable Information is any information which can be used to directly identify you as a person – including your name, email address, phone number, credit card details, or address. Your Personally Identifiable Information is protected by law in the European Union, the United Kingdom, United States, and most countries around the world. Kinseed takes privacy very seriously, and will always follow the policies below when dealing with your Personally Identifiable Information.

What we do

  • If you send us a message using our Contact Us page, we will store your name and email address. We do this so we can respond to your questions, comments or correspondence.

  • If you leave a comment against any of our articles or pages, we will store your name and email address. We do this so we can display your name against your comment, and let you choose to receive updates if someone replies to your comment.

  • If you use any of our Online Services including SwiftCare (MediLog, MediVue, MediConnect, MediCot), Aware, or Residencia, we will store your name, email address and billing details. We do this so we can let you log in to the service in a secure way, and so we can process your billing transactions for services you pay for.

  • We use Google Analytics to understand browsing habits on our website. We do not store directly personally identifiable information through the use of this tool, but you may be asked to store a cookie on your computer to let us track your visit. You can choose to disable cookies without impacting your use of our website. We do this so we can better understand which parts of our website are useful, and which need improvement or accessibility changes in future.

  • If you want us to stop emailing you (if you have subscribed to updates for one of our services or products), you can follow the instructions at the bottom of our emails to opt out of all future communications.

  • We perform regular security audits with trusted third parties to identify and close any opportunities an attacker might use to break into our systems or access your personal data.

  • We will let you know within 48 hours if we suffer from a data breach by email and through a notice on the front page of our website at

  • We store any and all personal data in a secure manner – encrypted at rest and in transit – using industry-standard encryption tools.

  • We securely delete any personal information we no longer need – including email addresses which no longer wish to be contacted or clients who have closed their accounts with us.

  • We comply with international data protection laws including GDPR, CAN-SPAM, COPPA, and CalOPPA.

  • We will let you know if our privacy policy ever changes at least one month (30 days) in advance, by email to our known subscribers and through a notice on this page.

What we don’t do

  • We never sell your data to third parties, anonymous or otherwise. Ever.

  • We never gather more personal information than we need to do our job – only the minimum information we need to provide you with Kinseed’s products and services.

  • We never provide third party advertisements or services on our site, and never use your personal data for targeted advertising.

  • We never charge you for requests around your personal information rights, such as asking for your data to be sent or deleted.

  • We never send unsolicited mass marketing emails – but we might email you if you have explicitly asked to be contacted about a product or service we offer.

  • We never give access to your data to people who don’t need it – whether a third party or one of our own employees.

Getting in touch

Our contact details to reach us by Telephone, Email or Post are always available on our website at

About this privacy policy

The contents of this Privacy Policy was last edited on 8th May 2018. Our website was updated in February 2020, but the contents of this privacy policy (or it’s URL location) did not change.

As Kinseed believes in the the open reuse of important information, you are free to copy and edit this privacy policy for your own webite or own use – you do not need to credit Kinseed if you choose to do so. Reuse or copying and editing of this policy does not change Kinseed’s policies above.