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Kinseed is working with some of the leading organisations around the world to make the most of their technology and liberate their data – using modern, cloud-first, sustainable technologies to connect people, processes and tools. Our team of engineers work across a wide array of technology stacks – from Microsoft Azure (Kinseed are proudly a Microsoft partner) to MEAN, Modern JavaScript based application engines to heavy-lifting industrial appliances – we’re there to help you take the next step in your technology journey.

Client Work

Specialist in regulation-heavy industries

We work across a wide array of sectors – but one thing our clients can always rely on is our ability to work within the confines of strict regulatory frameworks without sacrificing quality, scope or capability.

We’re an approved supplier for government and NHS projects through the Crown Commercial Service and G-Cloud, and have an extensive portfolio of client projects across Healthcare, Finance, Telecommunications, Education, Government and more. Whatever industry you operate in, Kinseed can help you realise your technical goals without the sudden surprise of unmet regulatory or governance needs.

Case Study –
Creative Interruptions

Kinseed worked with a team of universities across the UK, led by Brunel University in London, to create a platform and technical solution enabling researchers and educators to share their work and insights across the globe: easily, quickly and reliably.

Focus Areas

While we’re happy to discuss any Digital Transformation project for your organisation, most of our client development work focuses on the following technical domains and areas:

Website /
Web Application

We’ve developed applications for our clients which range from public-facing websites to browser based line of business applications, all built on modern, cloud- and mobile-first technology stacks.

Intranet and

Whatever the size of your firm, getting control of your information is critical. Kinseed has produced enterprise grade intranets and information management tools for organisations of all sizes, across the globe.

Application Development

Our development team are versed in developing native applications for iOS and Android, and work with cutting edge user experience and design principles to provide your customers with truly powerful, amazing experiences.


Gathering big data is easy – making sense of it and extracting value is hard. Our team of developers and data scientists work to help clients draw conclusions from data in sustainable, modern ways.

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