Revolutionary live clinical monitoring

Keep tabs on patients anywhere, any time, any how

When it comes to providing great patient care, being bedside is always best. However, we can’t always be everywhere we need to be; MediVue helps you remotely keep track of live, real-time patient metrics as if you were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with ward staff.

Monitor everything

Whether your patients are connected to Vital Sign Monitors, Ventilators, Infusers, ECMO Machines, or any number of other clinical devices, MediVue gives you one place to track status and metrics across everything – all on one friendly page.

Dashboards update in near-real-time: giving you instant, at-a-glance access to numerics, alarms, and much more.

MediVue Overview Screen
MediVue Live View Screen

Real-time detailed monitoring

Click on any patient on your monitoring dashboard, and you’ll “zoom in” to a live, detailed view of precisely how that patient is performing. Depending on the devices they’re connected to, you’ll see familiar waveforms, numerics and messages, as and when they happen.

MediVue is integrated with the rest of the SwiftCare suite, to bring patient data and demographics into context for monitoring.

Post-monitoring review

Every single measure is logged and stored in MediVue, ready for you to review at any point in the future. Share trend-lines and analysis with your team to ease and speed up handover, and ensure patient safety.

Our new “Replay” feature even allows you to zoom back to a point in time and replay precisely what happened – helping research, learning and development teams improve future outcomes.

MediVue Historic Data Screen

All your monitoring
in one easy place

Whether your patients are in surgery, on a ward, or in the back of an ambulance, MediVue brings together the full view of their live monitoring data in a clean, easy to use dashboard – saving you time and effort in keeping tabs on what’s really important.

See MediVue in action

Our customers around the world are already using MediVue and the wider SwiftCare suite to transform their patient monitoring across the whole healthcare industry.

Watch our short video to see how MediVue is being used to manage referrals and transports at the Children’s Acute Transport Service, at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

Use Cases

MediVue can provide a centralised, simple view of your live patient monitoring data, wherever it is coming from.

Check out just some of the example use cases our clients are already using MediVue for:

On-Ward Monitoring

Bedside monitoring for when you're not bedside

MediLog can replace expensive network infrastructure and walled-in equipment ecosystems with a simplified way to view all patient monitors across wards, departments, or entire hospitals.

Theatre Monitoring

Improve safety and provide surgical support

When you’re in the middle of a complex operation, it’s important to know you have the support you need from your team – keeping an eye on anaesthesia, vital signs and more – MediVue lets a support office know when more hands are needed on deck, before the call is even made.

Transport Monitoring

Know your patient before they even arrive

MediVue works with MediConnect to pull in patient data, even when on the road in the back of an ambulance. Teams can use MediVue to provide remote assistance and oversight, while handover and admission becomes near-instantaneous.

Monitor Anywhere

Keep tabs on data wherever it comes from

MediVue and MediConnect are designed to work with a huge array of systems, devices and applications – providing you with a quick handle on what’s really important, without the traditional integration headaches or expensive infrastructure.

Version 2

We’re proud to announce the latest version of MediVue – part of the all-new SwiftCare version 2.

Packed full with incredible new features, enhancements and improvements, MediVue is now better than ever, and ready to help you make the most of your patient monitoring data – wherever those patients may be.

Brand New Features

  • Modern, responsive UI rebuilt from the ground up for speed, stability and power

  • Integrated view of every type of clinical equipment

  • Huge library of support for vendors, equipment types and data formats

  • HL7 / FHIR based data storage for easy onward integration

  • New “Replay Mode” empowers research and post-action reviews

  • Integration with MediLog and other EPR systems to surface patient demographics

  • Live and Batch APIs allow third party integration to make the most of your data

  • Secure sharing mode lets consultants and experts provide insights

  • Simplified trend-line interface makes handover of data a breeze

Available worldwide today

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