Digital Transformation without the headache

Replace manual, paper-based processes with ease

MediLog lets you replace existing processes and workflows with online, technology-enabled solutions – without the traditional expense and heavy lifting. Anyone can build a form, workflow or process in MediLog – with zero code and a toolbox of preconfigured templates – so your biggest problem is trying to make it look hard to your manager.

A full clinical toolkit at your fingertips

MediLog empowers your team to build any healthcare-related workflow or data engine – with the tools and data types you’re used to.

Working with MediLog means no more “teaching the technology how medicine works” – just click and build any process or workflow your team can imagine.

MediLog Form Page
MediLog Form Page

Powerful Data Engine

MediLog helps you make the most of your data – whether it’s a few rows or millions of records.

Taking advantage of the latest cloud technologies, your clinical information and stored data is always at your fingertips – with instant search, custom views and sorting, and more – so you can concentrate on what’s important.

Instant Reporting

We don’t believe in silos. Every piece of data in MediLog can be reported on, or exposed through powerful open APIs – all while staying highly robust and secure.

Our new governance and reporting engine means one click is all that’s needed to export or send reports where they’re needed – no more end of month all-nighters.

MediLog Reporting
MediLog Clinical Fields

A UI you’ll want to work with

MediLog makes use of the new SwiftCare 2.0 user experience – giving your users an interface and experience that feels modern, responsive and robust – and doesn’t look like a 1980’s mainframe.

Save time and money on training and maintenance with a system that doesn’t need a degree in Computer Science to operate or change.

We know healthcare

Whatever you’re trying to build, you don’t want to waste time teaching your platform what a pulse rate means, or what range blood pressure should be between. MediLog comes packed with templates and field types to cover every possible eventuality – letting you build whatever workflow helps your team save the most time and money.

MediLog Edit Page

Make data work for you

Customers around the world are turning to MediLog to fulfil the need for simple clinical digital transformation, while bridging the gap of traditional technical options.

Why Choose MediLog

Our customers around the world are already using MediLog and the wider SwiftCare suite to transform their operations across the whole healthcare industry.

Watch our short video to see how MediLog is being used to implement simple clinical digital transformation, without the pitfalls of traditional technical solutions.

Use Cases

Anywhere you currently use paper-based forms or old-fashioned technical workflows, MediLog can help revolutionise your data and bring powerful new experiences to your users.

Check out just some of the example use cases our clients are already using MediLog for:

Patient Data Forms

Referrals, Observations, Clinical Notes and more

MediLog can store and manage patient data across the entire clinical journey – from patient referrals to observations, clinical notes to outcome reports, and much, much more.

Staff Training Management

Keep track of training and development

Keep track of your staff training and development activities, book courses, and report on unit effectiveness with the powerful data engine built in to MediLog.

Equipment Management

Stay on top of critical healthcare equipment

Rapidly manage lists of equipment, identify when it was last maintained, and trigger automatic workflows to raise work requests before things start to fail – so you’re always ready for the next emergency.

Any Paper based form

Build any existing workflow or process

MediLog is designed to let you build out any existing paper-based workflow or form – without having to spend time defining what clinical or medical terms mean or how they work.

MediLog now available on mobile

Manage Clinical and Operational data on the move while offline with the MediLog iOS Mobile App.

MediLog now on Mobile

Seamlessly access your patient information on your iphone or ipad from any location, without the need for internet.

Make offline changes to your data, with no information loss when disconnected.

Carry important forms, generate reports and more at the point of care, with full enforced security, supporting better clinical decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

The iOS Mobile App can be used by organisations who are already using MediLog…

Version 2

We’re proud to announce the latest version of MediLog – part of the all-new SwiftCare version 2.

Packed full with incredible new features, enhancements and improvements, MediLog is now better than ever, and ready to help you on your Digital Transformation journey.

Brand New Features

  • Modern, responsive UI rebuilt from the ground up for speed, stability and power

  • Build any form, workflow or process you can imagine with built-in codeless editor

  • Open API layer allows for easy integration with third-party tools and applications

  • Redesigned search puts your data at your fingertips

  • Work across multiple organisations with one login

  • Share information quickly and easily with built-in permissions and sharing engine

  • Autogeneration of reports with a fully rebuilt reporting engine

  • Rich new data types cover all corners of healthcare

  • Evergreen, “live” updates mean no more downtime for system upgrades

Available worldwide today

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