Mobile enablement for legacy clinical devices

Future-proof your inventory without breaking the bank

The future of healthcare is digital: getting data to work the way you want, where you need it. Getting there can be very expensive. MediConnect makes your legacy patient monitors, infusers, ventilators, and other devices “smart”, so you can take advantage of the digital revolution… without having to spend millions on replacement hardware.

Instant smart enablement for clinical devices

MediConnect is a small device which connects through a wired or wireless connection to a vast array of clinical devices – from patient monitors to ventilators, infusers to ECMOs, and much more. Once connected, MediConnect uses Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G mobile networks to securely send data back to your network – wherever that device may be.

MediConnect Overview

Clinical Devices

Patient Monitors




… and much more

Connectivity Types

Wi-Fi Direct


Serial Cable

Analog Cable

… plus custom options


MediConnect Logo

MediConnect attaches to a huge array of clinical devices across all major connectivity types, to liberate clinical data.

That data is then formatted, compressed, encrypted and sent using robust wireless technology to integrate anywhere it’s needed.

Upload Methods

4G Mobile

3G Mobile

Secure Wi-Fi

Local Caching

Global Reach


SwiftCare Apps


Research Platforms

Clinical Apps

Wide open APIs

Take control of clinical data – wherever it is

MediConnect is helping organisations around the world connect with and take control of their clinical devices: whether they’re on a ward, in an operating room, or speeding down the road in the back of an ambulance.

See MediConnect in action

Our customers around the world are already using MediConnect and the wider SwiftCare suite to smart-enable their legacy devices across the healthcare industry.

Watch our short video to see how MediConnect works, and how it is being used to help the Children’s Acute Transport Service to revolutionise the patient journey.

Use Cases

MediConnect can smart-enable your legacy clinical devices, bringing your data to life and enabling you to make the most of modern monitoring and analysis technologies without the traditional expensive outlay.

Check out just some of the example use cases our clients are already using MediConnect for:

Monitoring on the move

Smart enable devices in ambulances

MediConnect uses 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi to transmit collected data from clinical devices wherever it comes from – even if it’s travelling down the road before you even reach the hospital.

Simplify ward infrastructure

Fewer cables, less mess, less expense

Smart enable in-ward monitors and clinical equipment without having to run classic RJ45 / Ethernet cables – and rely on robust mobile fallback if Wi-Fi ever fails.

Low-cost deployments

Bring modern medicine to developing locations

Not everywhere can afford complex network infrastructure or smart monitors. MediConnect brings healthcare of the future to developing and cost-restricted locations.

Out of band equipment

Connect legacy devices absolutely anywhere

MediConnect is not restricted by the need for traditional infrastructure, networking or fixed locations. Wherever you need to free up data from legacy devices, MediConnect can snap-in and get your data working for you.

Version 2

We’re proud to announce the latest version of MediConnect – part of the all-new SwiftCare version 2.

Packed full with incredible new features, enhancements and improvements, MediConnect is now better than ever, and ready to help you smart-enable your legacy clinical devices.

Brand New Features

  • One-to-many connectivity means more connections per MediConnect box

  • Dual-mode Wi-Fi connects to existing Wireless-ready devices

  • Remote management and updating eliminates unnecessary downtime

  • New management interface makes configuration easier than ever

  • Integration with SwiftCare 2.0 applications automatically feeds data where it’s needed

  • Collect patient identifiers from clinical devices without manual intervention

  • Improved encryption keeps all connections rock-solid and robust

  • Enhanced compression means even lower latencies than ever before

  • Brand new robust industrial design keeps working through the toughest challenges

Available worldwide today

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