Digital Innovation for Resource Management 

Manage Resource Availability with Ease

Monitor availability statuses across your facility, from capacity and bed level management to ambulances, or even ECOM monitors, our flexible platform enables you to track any resources you require, removing the need to manually count.

Key benefits:

  • Optimize patient capacity and improve patient flow

  • Increase staff efficiency by signposting resource availability

  • Quick single screenshot view of real-time activity

  • Customized platform interface

Healthcare workers using tablet for resource management

Optimize Patient Capacity

MediTrack helps you easily manage bed occupancy with a clear real-time view of availability across departments or entire hospitals, displaying patient locations, capacity data, discharge status and transfer information.

Plan ahead of admissions by identifying real-time challenges or needs, enabling staff to make better decisions and improve patient flow.

Live Dashboards

MediTrack displays a quick at-a-glance view of how your department is handling its demands.

Working with MediTrack means no more manual paper-based documentation of resources, or calling around departments for availability, helping save significant time and improve staff efficiency.

Customize your platform

MediTrack can be customized to display your most significant activities, whether this be tracking bed occupancy, equipment availability or outstanding tasks, all statuses are provided in one single view.

Add additional significant information, such as discharge status, helping to deliver a quicker and more efficient service, and ensure the highest level of care is provided.

Our customers spoke and we listened

MediTrack was developed closely with our customers to help hospitals reduce backlog and overcome service disruption from lack of bed availability.

Customers across the UK are now using MediTrack to optimize patient capacity and improve staff efficiency.

Use Cases

Anywhere you currently use paper-based forms or an old-fashioned counting system, MediTrack can help revolutionize your data to significantly improve patient flow and staff efficiency .

Check out just some of the example cases our clients are already using MediTrack for:

MediTrack board-round support icon

Board round support

Support across departments and entire hospitals

Multi-disciplinary teams can view resource availability across departments or entire hospitals, supporting urgent decision making for a smooth and efficient service.

Bed level management

Optimize patient flow and capacity

Clearly view available beds, occupied beds or discharge status in one single-view. This can be displayed across departments or entire hospitals, helping identify real-time challenges and overcome service disruption.

MediTrack equipment management icon

Equipment management

Keep track of crucial resources
Signpost resource availability quickly and “level” the service, identify when and where vital resources are available and needs for intervention.
MediTrack customisable icon

Fully customizable

Tailor the tool to fit your organisations needs

Customize your platform to track any resource you require without the need of heavy coding.

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