We are delighted to be partnering with Solace, the leading enabler of event-driven architecture (EDA) for real-time enterprises, working together to transform digital healthcare by improving and expanding the real-time data distribution capabilities of our SwiftCare suite.

We will be using Solace’s event streaming and management solution, PubSub+ Platform, to help our architects and developers collaboratively design, reuse and manage event steams, event-driven APIs and event-driven applications.

Kinseed partners with Solace

Healthcare runs on data, and it needs to be available and accurate to support optimal patient outcomes. However, roadblocks exist to achieving this in modern healthcare settings, chief among them the existence of complex systems composed of diverse applications and devices – some new, most old. Moving data efficiently, reliably and securely across these complex landscapes is a huge challenge for healthcare providers and a major objective of Kinseed’s digital transformations.

The team at Kinseed spoke to some of the team at Solace to discuss the future of Digital Health, and how the partnership will help deliver that vision. Bob Hundal, Kinseed CTO, said:

“We know that for SwiftCare to be a truly transformative platform for healthcare providers, it needs to be powered by reliable, real-time data streams from a wide variety of sources like EHRs, clinical devices, as well as modern cloud services.”

“Solace is the gold standard for moving critical data between diverse applications and devices in real-time, so bolstering our cloud platform with their cloud event streaming and event management services was a perfect fit. This partnership accelerates our mission of connecting the disconnected.”

Bob Hundal Kinseed CTO

Solace’s PubSub+ Platform solution can be deployed in a customer’s own private cloud, supporting both Kinseed’s cloud-first approach and need to comply with all healthcare industry regulations in the area of data privacy and governance.

Some early applications of PubSub+ Platform’s capabilities are MediConnect, which enables providers to connect legacy clinical apparatus without expensive refits and equipment purchase; and MediVue, which lets healthcare professionals remotely monitor clinical instruments and devices.

Click here to read our latest case study about how MediConnect has helped improve patient outcomes for the Children’s Acute Transport Team (CATS team)

David Mitchell, Regional VP United Kingdom and Ireland, Solace said:

“We are proud to be partnering with Kinseed as they work to deliver the benefits of digital transformation into the healthcare space. Their SwiftCare suite has proven to significantly improve patient outcomes through the real-time, event-driven distribution of data, and we are thrilled that they saw Solace as the EDA platform of choice for their needs.”