In the last month, Kinseed finalised the formal appointment of Erik van Wilsum to our leadership team and board as CEO in Europe, where he will be driving us forward to the next chapter of the story of our business.

Erik van Wilsum celebrating at corporate event

Erik van Wilsum (Right), Kinseed’s new CEO in Europe and Middle East

Erik will be taking the reins of our operations in Europe and ME, while working closely with the rest of the team based around the world in our technology centres in India, the US, and elsewhere overseas. As he settles in to his new role, we sat down with Erik to understand his views on the market we’re in, the world around us, and what challenges await all of us in this fascinating sector:

You’ve joined Kinseed at one of the most unprecedented times, in the middle of both a colossal global pandemic and huge geopolitical disruption. How do you think the healthcare sector has changed as a result of this, and is there more disruption and change to come?

“I actually see this as the ideal moment to join Kinseed. The whole world is focused on healthcare. It’s during a crisis that bottlenecks become apparent. And you see that happening in various countries. A pandemic of this sort forces governments and the healthcare industry to review their investments, their protocols and their policies. SwiftCare’s latest update 2.0 comes at just the right time and will bring a transformation across systems and organisations with a revolutionary flexible solution.”

How do you feel technology and Digital Transformation is going to help address those changes?

“New technologies and big data are changing products, processes and business models. People’s needs are changing continuously, at a pace that’s almost hard to keep up with. Digitisation enables us to use those insights and support organisations in becoming more effective, more efficient. E-health has been a topic of interest for many years now and the new technologies that emerge can help the healthcare industry with their patient monitoring, with patient diagnostics and with reducing admin time for example. This allows them to spend more time on patient care: the essence of healthcare, really.”

You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and seen a huge amount of technical innovation in this space – what do you think are some of the most exciting technical developments on the horizon?

“Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, robotics and green energy solutions. Most exciting technical developments for myself is to see the practical use of robotics and the practical use of hydrogen fuel cells in each household.”

Kinseed’s platforms are already being used by many clients to revolutionise Digital Transformation for Healthcare; what makes you most excited about being part of that journey?

“I’m very excited to join Kinseed because of the phase that it’s in. Scaling up an organisation is not an easy task. It brings along challenges but at the same time it forces you to think out of the box, to be bold, to learn and grow. I’m a builder. Add to that a unique digital solution in an industry that truly impacts people’s lives .. what more can you ask for? I’m very much looking forward to help expand the organisation into mainland Europe and the ME and to work with all international colleagues.”

What’s one thing that healthcare providers could start doing right now to prepare for the Digital Transformation revolution ahead of them?

“First they need to acknowledge the potential of the revolution ahead of us. They need to be as open minded as possible on the power of the combination of digital and human. Patient care is what it truly should be about and (smart) digital solutions can support and create that environment. Lastly, it will always help if they create enough resources and budget!”