As Kinseed celebrates its 10th anniversary, we reflect on some of our most memorable milestones and the progress we’ve made in improving healthcare through the use of technology. We remain committed to our mission and look forward to continuing to innovate and improve the healthcare system for years to come. We’ll be updating our 10 year timeline regularly in the lead-up to our anniversary in September, so stay tuned!



Our beginnings

Kinseed was founded in late-2013 in Uxbridge, where our headquarters remain today. The initial goal was simple: “Create simple but powerful tools that let businesses make the most of their information, people, and processes”.

At first, Kinseed specialised in consultancy and development for SharePoint-based projects, along with a series of smaller project pieces focused on digital creatives. Within just a year, our client base had grown to include large organisations from the Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, Finance and Education industries.



The beginning of SwiftCare

Initially, the SwiftCare platform was developed in response to the challenges faced by the Children’s Acute Transfer Teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), who were using an unstructured paper-based system to collect and share critical data when transferring sick children from one location to another.

In a mobile intensive care environment, teams have limited resources, with a maximum of three clinicians available, one of whom the driver. If the ambulance team needed support from a specialist, the only option was to call the hospital’s switchboard and describe the patient’s vitals, seek advice, and perform interventions. This was a problem Kinseed set out to address; providing acute care teams with an integrated and seamless  access to the most critical data at the right time for effective decision support.

SwiftCare is our flagship product at Kinseed. It is a Digital Transformation platform for Healthcare professionals, and initially contained three products – MediLog, MediVue, MediConnect.



Brunel University

Creative Interruptions

A group of five universities and a number of non-university based collaborators came together to explore the role of arts and creativity within diverse communities. The team at the Creative Interruptions project approached Kinseed to assist them in creating a platform to allow researchers to collaborate on materials and research findings, save their academic work for future use, and help communicate findings and creative outputs to a wider audience around the world.

Working with a limited budget and to a tight timeframe, the team were keen to use very modern digital platforms to achieve a great deal with their research publications and materials, without the traditional expensive IT outlay or difficult tools and systems to navigate. Our implementation of appropriate technology platforms and communicative media allowed the team to focus on what was important, without having to think or worry about how their IT is working on a day to day basis.



Image of building with Microsoft logo on

Partnership with Microsoft

From the very first day at Kinseed, we have always trusted and utilised Microsoft’s stack of solutions, from Office 365 to Azure, Dynamics to Intune, and much more. In 2018, Kinseed officially became a Microsoft Partner, specialising in Cloud Solutions (with additional practices spanning from hardware solutions to Windows and software support).



Kinseed Logo

Kinseed rebranding

Kinseed developed the new “callout” logo which our customers have come to know and love, as well as our new sloagan, perfectly encapsulating what we do on a day to day basis – “Connecting the Disconnected”.



Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script

Kinseed becomes independent software vendor

The Kinseed team started to notice a pattern – most of our clients came from industries and sectors which were extremely heavily governed and regulated, looking to make a success of their IT projects while staying in line with the laws and regulations which define how they can work. From the Finance industry’s strict policies on “logical division” and traceability, to Healthcare’s extreme need for privacy and data security, the team at Kinseed built a strong foundation in producing exceptional solutions in these adverse, restrictive legal conditions. At this time, Kinseed became an independent software vendor, pivoting to where we are today.



Introduces MediTrack

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is managing the allocation, status and count of resources in a fast-moving and high-impact environment like Critical Care. The status of important resources like ward beds or medical equipment can change rapidly, and the process surrounding these changes can be highly flexible and complex, therefore knowing the current status of everything can become a logistical nightmare.

The North Thames Pediatric Network (NTPN) approached Kinseed to help develop a reliable resource management software to address this problem during a critical event: a significant shortage of beds across the network. We worked closely with clinicians to develop a transformative solution – called “MediTrack”, part of Kinseed’s SwiftCare Suite. The solution is a cloud-based application that gives healthcare providers a clear, single view dashboard of activity across departments and entire hospital networks.



Unified Advice and Guidance Services

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support (KIDS) have been using Kinseed’s MediLog application as their Electronic Patient Record System for a number of years. As a result of this successful partnership, University Hospital Birmingham, together with Bsol ICS, wanted to develop a similar system to support a new Unified Paediatric Advice and Guidance Service (“UPAGS”) within the West Midlands Region.

The UPAGS team approached Kinseed to help co-design a digitised care pathway, with the engagement of primary care workers, patients and the public. A core objective was to address health inequities, whilst resolving a key problem: reducing the large volume of unnecessary referrals to A&E / outpatients by providing care in local settings through timely advice and guidance.

The service has now been in operation for 18 months; every month over 40% of patients are managed and treated directly through advice and guidance from the service. The remaining are cared for in other more appropriate local settings, such as Rapid Access Clinics, leaving only a small number triaged to Emergency Departments when absolutely necessary.



Becomes PRSB partner organisation

Kinseed becomes a Partner member of the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB). This partnership puts Kinseed’s healthcare clients and customers in the strongest position yet to work with the data they use in our systems and platforms every day.

PRSB are a unique collaboration of groups representing those who receive and provide health and social care across the UK, as well as those providing the IT systems that support care, and work with the public and professionals to define the standards needed for good care records.




Kinseed voted Medcity’s company of the month

MedCity connects, enables and engages with organisations that work in the world-leading health and life sciences sector in London and the Greater South East of England. Their network of leading experts and cutting-edge organisations in the healthcare space is helping drive some of the most important innovations in Healthcare today.

Kinseed was recognised as MedCity’s “Company of the Month” for our groundbreaking efforts in revolutionising Digital Transformation for Healthcare.



MediLog now on Mobile

Introduces the MediLog iOS Mobile App

Our first ever iOS Mobile App was launched, a brand new addition to the MediLog application. The app enables seamless access to patient information on your iphone or ipad from any location, without the need for internet.



Kinseed partners with Solace

Kinseed partners with Solace

Kinseed partners with Solace, the leading enabler of event-driven architecture (EDA) for real-time enterprises, working together to transform digital healthcare by improving and expanding the real-time data distribution capabilities of our SwiftCare suite.

Solace’s event streaming and management solution, PubSub+ Platform, is now used to help our architects and developers collaboratively design, reuse and manage event steams, event-driven APIs and event-driven applications.



Kinseed partners with Cordell Evolution

Managing employee health can often result in significant time spent on administrative work depending on the systems and processes in place. The current solutions on the market lack the flexibility required to deliver a tailored service which suits both the occupational health provider and the clients to whom they are delivering services. With state-of-the-art technology available, it is possible to support effective and efficient delivery of services, saving time and money. However, to date, this has not been implemented effectively in the occupational health sector.

As a result, Nikki Cordell (specialist occupational physician and CEO of Cordell Health) approached Kinseed to help use our digital healthcare capability to solve this problem. With Kinseed’s excellent understanding of robust data security of personal special category data, combined with a deep knowledge of the latest technology available, Nikki felt strongly that we are the ideal partner to deliver innovation into the sector.

Together, a revolutionary Occupational Healthcare Management System was co-designed and developed on Kinseed’s SwiftCare platform, called – “MediWork”. MediWork has become part of a suite of applications forming the Information System for Health and Work (ISH&W) service, offered by Cordell Evolution,



Kinseed awarded best software by MedTop

Kinseed Awarded “Best Software” by Medtop

Kinseed awarded Medtop’s “Best Software”, an award recognising the efforts and achievements of companies that demonstrate innovation, reliability, and outstanding performance. Those nominated for the Tech award are praised for the quality and uniqueness of their solutions.

This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to developing exceptional software solutions that empower our users and drive innovation in healthcare.

We’re celebrating 10 years of building revolutionary solutions and transforming healthcare through the power of digital transformation — and we’re not done yet. In 2023 and beyond, we’re continuing to work towards creating a future where healthcare is more personalised, efficient, and effective than ever before.