Today we’re proud to introduce the latest two members of the SwiftCare family – MediTrack and MediScript! These two latest applications join MediLog, MediVue and MediConnect in the growing ecosystem of SwiftCare solutions which bring revolutionary Digital Transformation to Healthcare. Read on to find out more about these exciting new tools:

MediTrack – keep on top of resources and staff

MediTrack Logo

If you’ve ever worked in Healthcare, you know one of the most frustrating challenges faced by clinicians today is trying to find readily available resources and care services for your patients. Whether it’s something large like “Do we have a theater ready for this patient?”, or something trivial like “Am I going to run out of swabs today?”, keeping track of what’s where can be a gargantuan task.

MediTrack makes all that simple; built on the SwiftCare platform, MediTrack gives users a clean and easy view of all their tracked resources – both under their own “local ownership”, and those at other departments, hospitals, or even regions. With just a couple of clicks a user can keep track of what’s available and when for their patients, or update counts and status indicators for their own resources. Think of it as your “corkboard in the cloud” – the fastest, easiest way to signal amongst teams and care providers what is available where, when and with whom.

MediScript – rapid, secure and intelligent prescriptions


MediScript Logo

Post COVID-19, healthcare professionals are having to provide more assistance in stranger and more remote environments than ever before. Because of this, something as simple as managing the prescriptions a patient is provided with can become a complex and confusing task.

MediScript is a new app in SwiftCare which takes the pain out of remote and online prescription management for Clinicians. Connected to MediLog, MediScript can quickly look up and associate prescriptions with your patients, referrals and more. Building on a standard database of drugs, MediScript can allow for rapid prescribing with in-built dosage calculation, warnings when moving out of boundaries, and automated checking of critical interactions.


All this and more – coming soon

If you’re already a SwiftCare customer, talk to your account executive to find out how you can take advantage of some of these great new features. Or, if you’ve not started your SwiftCare journey yet, get in touch today to find out how SwiftCare can help bring revolutionary Digital Transformation to Healthcare. Don’t forget to check back on our website soon, where much more detail will be available for MediScript, MediTrack, and much, much more.