26 06, 2023

Virtual Wards and Remote Monitoring: Reshaping the Future of Healthcare

2023-07-19T10:55:41+01:0026th June, 2023|

As technology continues to revolutionise the healthcare landscape, virtual wards and remote monitoring have emerged as innovative approaches that hold tremendous potential for transforming patient care. These advancements have the potential to revolutionise the way we receive healthcare, offering convenient access to quality care regardless of geographical limitations. Let's delve into the concept [...]

15 06, 2023

Celebrating Global Inclusion Week: How Kinseed is Creating a More Inclusive Workplace

2023-07-19T11:20:00+01:0015th June, 2023|

As we celebrate Global Inclusion Week, Kinseed is proud to reflect on our commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. At our core, we believe that a diverse and inclusive team is essential to drive innovation, growth, and success. However, we also recognise that we still have work to do to [...]

5 06, 2023

Kinseed 10 year timeline

2023-09-04T10:53:34+01:005th June, 2023|

As Kinseed celebrates its 10th anniversary, we reflect on some of our most memorable milestones and the progress we've made in improving healthcare through the use of technology. We remain committed to our mission and look forward to continuing to innovate and improve the healthcare system for years to come. We'll be updating our [...]

5 06, 2023

10 ways we have seen digital transformation revoutionise healthcare

2023-07-20T10:37:48+01:005th June, 2023|

Digital transformation has revolutionised healthcare in many ways, transforming the industry and improving access to care for people all over the world. Here are 10 ways we have seen digital transformation change healthcare and connect people: 1 - Telemedicine Telemedicine has revolutionised healthcare by enabling remote delivery of healthcare services using digital [...]

1 06, 2023

Celebrating Success: Kinseed Awarded “Best Software” by Medtop

2023-08-30T15:01:13+01:001st June, 2023|

We are thrilled to announce that Kinseed have been awarded the "Best Software" accolade by Medtop. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to developing exceptional software solutions that empower our users and drive innovation in healthcare. We are honored to receive this award and would like to express our sincere appreciation [...]

28 04, 2023

World Day for Health and Safety at Work: How Kinseed is Revolutionising Employee Health

2023-05-10T11:44:06+01:0028th April, 2023|

On April 28th, the world celebrates World Day for Health and Safety at Work. This day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of creating safe and healthy work environments for employees everywhere. At Kinseed, we're proud to be part of this movement towards better employee health and well-being. In collaboration [...]

22 04, 2023

Earth Day 2023: Kinseed’s sustainability commitment

2023-11-02T15:40:29+00:0022nd April, 2023|

Happy National Earth Day! As we celebrate this day, it's important to reflect on the impact we have on the planet and the steps we can take to build a more sustainable future. At Kinseed, we are committed to doing our part to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. As [...]

24 03, 2023

Kinseed nominated for Medtop’s Tech Award

2023-03-24T13:39:39+00:0024th March, 2023|

We are delighted to be nominated for Medtop's Tech Award. Medtop are a company dedicated to awarding healthcare industry members worldwide for their outstanding products and solutions. Those nominated for the Tech award are praised for the quality and uniqueness of their solutions. The Medtop label is awarded in categories such as innovation, [...]

8 03, 2023

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Kinseed

2023-03-08T14:44:39+00:008th March, 2023|

Today is International Women’s Day, a day for celebrating the strength, achievements and impact women continue to make across the globe. As Kinseed is female lead and founded, we understand the importance of celebrating women worldwide. Our CEO, Dr Pal Bhusate, is working alongside Skye Hammond and Jass H Sondi to combine their talents and [...]

15 02, 2023

Unified Advice and Guidance Service

2023-02-21T14:46:31+00:0015th February, 2023|

Overview of Challenge Birmingham Children’s Hospital Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support (KIDS) have been using Kinseed's MediLog application as their Electronic Patient Record System for a number of years. As a result of this successful partnership, University Hospital Birmingham, together with Bsol ICS, wanted to develop a similar system to support a new [...]

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