We’re going for gold: Kinseed are now proudly a Gold Microsoft Partner for Cloud Platforms. This adds to and expands on our existing Silver Microsoft Partner competencies for Data Analytics, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and Windows and Devices.

Microsoft Partner Competencies

Being a Gold Microsoft Partner means we’re able to provide our customers with the best possible service and products built on Microsoft’s technologies. As such, customers can trust our team to help them make the most of Office 365, Azure, Dynamics, and much more.

Since Kinseed was founded, we have worked extensively with Microsoft technologies, building all our products and solutions on the Microsoft stack. Because of this, we’ve been able to take advantage of cutting-edge developments and technologies, bringing amazing capabilities to our customers across the entire suite of Kinseed products and services.

As our Chief Commercial Officer, Josh Knight said:

Being a Gold Microsoft Partner is a logical fit for us at Kinseed. We trust Microsoft platforms to build every one of our products and services, and use Office 365 and Dynamics to run our business every day. Right now, we believe there’s no better platform out there to give us the tools we need to build tomorrow’s technology solutions. Our customers all agree with us too – building on platforms like Azure and Dynamics means they can get real value out of their data while staying safe and secure.

You can see some of the benefits of Microsoft’s cloud platform today through our SwiftCare Suite. MediLog makes use of the Cosmos DB functionality in Azure to bring hyper-fast, hyper-scalable, and hyper-flexible data to your fingertips. MediVue and MediConnect make use of a huge collection of IoT and Connectivity services to mobilise and enrich remote clinical data. In fact, the entire SwiftCare suite runs on Azure – through scalable, secure, and rock-solid web apps and functions.

It’s not just our own products that we use Microsoft’s technology to empower: Kinseed works with some of the world’s leading organisations to make the most of their people, processes and tools through the Microsoft Stack. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, this means we’re now in the best position yet to help your business solve whatever digital transformation challenge you’re facing.

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