17 08, 2023

The Evolution of Digital Health: Transforming Healthcare Over the Last Decade

2023-08-21T09:33:14+01:0017th August, 2023|

In the fast-paced landscape of healthcare, the past decade has witnessed a profound transformation with the advent of digital health technologies. This monumental shift has not only improved clinical outcomes and patient safety but has also revolutionised how healthcare is delivered and experienced. From wearable devices to telemedicine, the journey of digital health over [...]

5 06, 2023

Kinseed 10 year timeline

2023-09-04T10:53:34+01:005th June, 2023|

As Kinseed celebrates its 10th anniversary, we reflect on some of our most memorable milestones and the progress we've made in improving healthcare through the use of technology. We remain committed to our mission and look forward to continuing to innovate and improve the healthcare system for years to come. We'll be updating our [...]

5 06, 2023

10 ways we have seen digital transformation revoutionise healthcare

2023-07-20T10:37:48+01:005th June, 2023|

Digital transformation has revolutionised healthcare in many ways, transforming the industry and improving access to care for people all over the world. Here are 10 ways we have seen digital transformation change healthcare and connect people: 1 - Telemedicine Telemedicine has revolutionised healthcare by enabling remote delivery of healthcare services using digital [...]

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