Overview of the challenge

The current global issues are contributing to employees needing increased time-off work due to sickness, informal care giving, and health-related productivity, with losses estimated to cost a staggering £100 billion annually (Public Health England, 2020). Poor mental health is costing employers up to £45 billion a year (Deloitte, 2020). These challenges, combined with huge staff shortages and heavy demands on the current healthcare sector, including NHS trusts unable to clear backlogs (The Guardian, 2022), has resulted in employers looking to their occupational health provision to deliver more.

Successful delivery of occupational health and wellbeing services relies on real-time, actionable data – however it also carries a significant challenge; each employer, environment, role and day to day task can be very different. As such, it’s critical for any system that supports occupational health to be built with flexibility in mind.

A review of existing occupational health systems shows that they do not provide the level of flexibility required for occupational health professionals to tailor systems to the unique needs of organisations.

A robust platform dedicated to the delivery of greater health and wellbeing services, without increasing head count or requiring significant staff training for complex systems, particularly with a shortage of trained occupational health professionals, is key to addressing the challenges of today.

Our solution

To address these issues, Kinseed worked closely with Dr Nikki Cordell, CEO of Cordell Health and Cordell Evolution; a specialist Occupational Health consultancy. Together, a revolutionary Occupational Healthcare Management System was co-designed and developed on Kinseed’s SwiftCare platform, called – “MediWork”. MediWork has become part of a suite of applications forming the Information System for Health and Work (ISH&W) service, offered by Cordell Evolution, which will be delivered over the coming months.

As MediWork is built on SwiftCare, it is a robust cloud-based application, fully customisable to allow you to build your own tool to accommodate your unique needs. Our “Modular Library” empowers occupational health providers to provide a tailored service and give optimum experiences to their clients.

Clients and patients are kept informed about their healthcare with built -in reports and messaging, which enables effortless communication and transparency across the entire occupational health process. Whether you’re an independent Occupational Health provider servicing many clients, or an in-house OH team who works to manage the health of a large population of internal employees, MediWork (and the full ISH&W service from Cordell Evolution) provides all the technical capability and expertise to make managing Occupational Health easier and more secure than ever before.

Impact and real-world benefits of MediWork

MediWork frees occupational health services to focus on clinical delivery, automating administrative tasks wherever possible using guided workflows and customisable questionnaires. Built-in tracking allows providers to stay in line with KPIs, optimising delivery whilst saving time and money. The ability to deeply personalise and configure the tools helps remove the usual cost of heavy system development or extensive staff training.

Collaboration and communication across the full occupational health process is also significantly enhanced through the use of MediWork, allowing clinicians and clients to share and work together faster and easier while remaining highly secure and fully legally compliant.