About ISH&W

ISH&W (Information System for Health and Work) is a suite of applications built on a secure information technology platform, designed to deliver a wide range of occupational health services more effectively than ever. The ISH&W service has been designed in collaboration with Dr Nikki Cordell (specialist occupational physician and CEO of Cordell Health and Cordell Evolution; leading Occupational Health consultancy), along with consultation from practitioners delivering occupational health across a wide variety of settings.

Overview of the challenge

Managing employee health can often result in significant time spent on administrative work depending on the systems and processes in place. The current solutions on the market lack the flexibility required to deliver a tailored service which suits both the occupational health provider and the clients to whom they are delivering services. With state-of-the-art technology available, it is possible to support effective and efficient delivery of services, saving time and money. However, to date, this has not been implemented effectively in the occupational health sector.

As a result, Nikki approached Kinseed to help use our digital healthcare capability to solve this problem. With Kinseed’s excellent understanding of robust data security of personal special category data, combined with a deep knowledge of the latest technology available, Nikki felt strongly that we are the ideal partner to deliver innovation into the sector.

MediWork for revolutionary management of Occupational Health

As a result of our strong partnership, Kinseed co-designed and developed MediWork, our cloud-based Occupational Healthcare platform, part of our SwiftCare Suite. On the horizon are two additional solutions; one to support employees who are sick absent and the second to deliver wellbeing services, making up the suite of applications known as ISH&W.

MediWork is configured to deliver post-offer screening, health surveillance and case management services by occupational health professionals to the employees for whom they are responsible. The workflows are streamlined and, where possible, automation has been used to maximise efficiency. Flexibility is a key part of the design so no matter whether you are an in-house provider, commercial organisation or a single handed practitioner, the MediWork application can be tailored and configured to your needs.

Impact and future

The collaboration of Kinseed with Nikki and occupational health practitioners combined has helped maximise the use of innovative and modern technologies to deliver a tailored service to support occupational health professionals. ISH&W can now improve the reach of their service, ensuring it is delivered in a sustainable manner.

Future developments later this year include the integration of hardware, as well as APIs for services which enhance current occupational health offerings. The aim is to provide a solution which can deliver state of the art, future-proof occupational health services.

Quote from Nikki Cordell – specialist occupational physician, CEO of Cordell Health and Cordell Evolution

“Kinseed did an amazing job in understanding the complex needs of occupational health delivery, with solutions for every aspect of the services we deliver in what they have designed. We are excited to see the next steps in the developmental journey of this powerful platform into the world of health and work.”