Brand Asset Package

The Kinseed brand asset package is available for use by partners and employees to access high-resolution and release-ready assets for applying the Kinseed brand. Inside you will find:

  • The Kinseed logo in all four alternate configurations
  • The full “compound” SwiftCare logo for light and dark backgrounds
  • The SwiftCare icon and wordmark for light and dark backgrounds
  • The application icons for MediLog, MediVue, and other SwiftCare applications
  • Source files for vector versions of the above logos, in Adobe Illustrator 2020 (.ai) format.
  • Headshots of some key individuals and board directors
  • In-action shots of members of the team and customers
  • Screenshots of the SwiftCare 2.0 product suite, 15.7MB

Use of all the aforementioned materials is subject to international copyright and trademark law. For more information, or to request use of the Kinseed logo and other brand materials, please use our contact page to get in touch.

Video Library

If your project requires the use of a video to highlight or explain parts of Kinseed’s SwiftCare Suite, the following videos are available for use. Where possible, please embed our master videos on our YouTube channel (as below). If you require a standalone video file for any of the following presentations, please email

SwiftCare Overview

MediConnect Overview

Building Forms in MediLog

Great Ormond Street Case Study