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We know every organisation is unique. Your market, objectives and culture all mean your business has to operate in a truly unique way. However – there are some things all businesses share in common. In today’s world, one of those things is technology – whether you’re a brand new startup or a multinational powerhouse, making the most of your available technology is crucial to success in today’s marketplace.

Kinseed provides innovative technology solutions in a unique and tailored way: helping you make the most of the latest technologies and saving cost with common best practices and savings opportunities, while providing a bespoke, hands-on engagement which surfaces the things that make your business so unique.

Kinseed is trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations across many sectors to provide end-to-end IT services. Find out more below about how we’re revolutionising the way businesses work with technology in these exciting sectors:


Kinseed is working to deploy exciting new technical solutions for some of the leading hospitals in the UK, including Great Ormond Street Hospital, Birmingham Children’s hospital, Leicester, and many more.

Our SwiftCare Suite provides care providers the ability to connect and remotely manage their patient monitoring environments around the country, while allowing physicians and health workers to stay compliant and in line with tight regulatory and governance requirements. Thanks to Kinseed solutions, doctors can watch and monitor the status of patients in Ambulances and remote locations in real time over highly assured, secure and robust IT networks.

When we needed an IT provider who was able to just “take care” of everything, and build an environment that really reflects who we are, the first company which came to mind was Kinseed. Their team worked hard to understand our business, and provided a huge range of expertise – from design and user experience right down to very specific regulatory and compliance needs.

Sunny Dhonsi, SKDhonsi

Kinseed were very helpful in building out a collaboration platform for a multi-national client. By creating a tailored version of Office365 aligned to the various working groups in different countries, real progress is being made in the sharing of ideas and best practices.

Financial Services

Kinseed works with world leading asset management and financial services firms in the UK, US, and the rest of the world, with tens of billions of dollars on their asset sheets.

Through the deployment of intelligent collaboration and knowledge management applications, Kinseed is enabling analysts and investment managers to make rapid investment decisions and identify market trends which so regularly get “hidden in the noise” of the colossal set of information dealt with on a day to day basis. In such a heavily governed and regulated sector, Kinseed ensures technology lets financial professionals stay compliant and regulated while reducing the time required to complete heavy paperwork and administrative tasks – letting them concentrate on delivering great value for investors.


Kinseed works with public and private education organisations in the UK and around the world to provide great learning experiences to students, while reducing the need for painful administrative tasks to be performed by educators.

We know every student is different, and requires time and attention to provide the right tuition and feedback to truly realise their unique potential. This can be very difficult for educators and teachers to provide when much of their time is taken up completing forms and following important but highly manual processes. Kinseed develops and manages software which automates many of those repeatable tasks, like providing and logging feedback and marking, managing class performance, and developing learning plans. We also work with some of the largest businesses in the world to help use our experience from the Education sector to train employees and improve engagement through the use of unique technology learning platforms.

We would like to thank Kinseed for the technical and design help they have provided in creating our research project website. It has been a pleasure to work with such a friendly, creative, and patient team. From understanding our project’s requirements to giving quick response times, Kinseed has been a pleasure to work with.

Professor Sarita Malik, Brunel University

Kinseed helped rapidly modernise the way we procure our resources, allowing staff at UKCBC to concentrate on providing a world-class education to our students, instead of wrestling with legacy or manual systems and processes.

Kinseed is one of the few vendors we trust to take the time to understand the “bigger picture” – helping us not only achieve our project goals, but to do it in a way which really makes sense; quickly, simply, and effectively.

Sherry Rafiq, Vodafone


Kinseed works with some of the world’s largest telcos – from Mobile networks to network and technical provisioning firms – to improve their internal use of technology and provide unique customer and employee experiences.

All successful telecommunication organisations utilise a vast array of different skills and personnel across countless teams and functions: from marketing to technology, network backhaul to finance, customer experience management to device terminals. To provide a truly unique and world-class customer experience, these teams need to collaborate in real time, with minimal friction and maximum knowledge reuse and distribution. This can be a staggering challenge, even for some of the world’s biggest and most successful firms. Kinseed works to use technology in unique and innovative ways to surface knowledge, understanding and technical information from anywhere in the business to be consumed by whoever needs it – in real time, with highly simplified user experiences, while maintaining customer privacy and regulatory requirements.